The future is here. (Mashiro approved)

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There was a promise of something rather large happening a while ago, well, procrastination makes perfection, here is that post. I bet you’re wondering what super-duper, amazing, PLATINUM thing could be so important that it would cause the likes of the smoothest, the greatest, the one, the only, the womb wrecking, woman throwing, panty dropper himself to flex his writing muscles once again, fret not, for ask, and ye shall receive, kneel my child and receive thy blessing.
In all seriousness, this post is extremely late, unnervingly so, and I find myself, once again, in the embarrassing position of having to bow my head and give an eye closing shout of “Gomenasai Gozaimasu (ごめんあさいございます。), to all of you listeners out there. The main problem that I tend to run into when it comes to these posts isn’t really that I push them off, it’s more so a lack of communication, the information is readily available, however, I just don’t ask for it because, while I am more than capable of handling PR and finances for Eden, my usable skills end there. I haven’t written a single line of code, baring our original site, since the days of Myspace and Tagged, I don’t know PHP, JScript, anything , so I just have to sit back with my thumb jammed in my bum as I wait for people like Kinky, Santiclause, and, on occasion, Naito, to do things that I can’t, which is infuriating, I hate the sense of being useless, even though I understand that you can’t do everything by yourself, it would surely help when trying to get information, since, at the point, I could write my own mock code and then offer it up as an example of what we could have, but this is starting to get off track, the updates.
By now, I’m sure you all should have noticed the much more stable service that we’ve been having with Edis, a good thing, for them, at this point, with all the long hours spent trying to get into contact with someone when our server is almost completely unreachable, “Excuse us, could you kindly look into the recent outings we’ve been having on our KVM?” we ask, Edis sees us and offers nothing more than tilt of the head and a shrug, palms up, to indicate that they are as lost as we are. That’s okay though, our never ending search of better and affordable service is never ending, and it is with great pleasure that I get to announce that we are, yet again, moving to another server, but this time, we’ll be dedicated. You’re thinking, “okay, so why is this such a big deal?”, and our response will be as follows; the amount of things we can do with a dedicated server are astronomical, the potential for things such as, but not limited to:

  • Queued DJs
  • No more server to bot lag
  • more than ten times our current HDD space

With the ability to upload more music, we can actually work more towards what will encompass the entirety of the staff’s musical selections, FLAC encoding, higher audio bitrates, but one of the main that I look forward to is the opening of our staff applications. We’ve been asked quite a bit, ‘How do I become a DJ’, this isn’t related to a previous post I made, but one of the big reasons that we don’t have as many DJs as we would like is simple, security, up to this point, you had to use our IP address to connect to the server and play a set, howver, thanks to the magic of German Engineering, it will become possible to have a relay that will act as a buffer, in the event that someone goes through the application process just to DDoS us.
I have dragged this on long enough, so I’ll bid you ladies a farewell until the next apology.

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