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Well, well, well…

Greetings everyone. Mr. Brawl here, ready to write up a little blog post inspired by some recent feedback we received on the main site. Before I delve into the feedback, my response, and more, I want to preface this by explaining the point of this post from the beginning.

We really, really, really appreciate feedback and we are relying on our listeners to continue providing it so that we, as a radio station, can continue to provide the content that our listeners appreciate in return.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at the feedback in question received:

Almost without question, I believe the DJ was none other than I, sharing the new Alabama Shakes album with everyone. As I had clearly stated in advance, both on stream via the mic and on Twitter, I wanted to share this album with everyone because I really dug it and thought others who listen to our radio would as well. The problem here, though, is most certainly not that someone didn’t enjoy something that I did (though, in my personal opinion and from several well-reputed music critics, the new Alabama Shakes record is truly excellent and worthy of musical praise and appreciation). You are free to like and dislike whatever you like on this radio! The main problem I have with this feedback is that it lacks proper construction.

In short summary of the comment, Anon here cannot recall who it was, what it was, and can’t seem to remember the very first paragraph on our page. It seems he was listening through a third-party app which, while perfectly fine, is not recommended when you need to know what song is playing and who is playing it (information easily accessible on the full version of our website). Also, let’s look at the opening paragraph on the main page:

Eden Radio is a 24/7 internet radio that streams for /a/. If you don’t frequent this board (or don’t know what it is), don’t worry because we have something for everyone. We stream a variety of music, from generic JPOP to smooth Hip Hop, to even more amazing jazz and classical.

When a DJ is on, the style of music is subject to that DJ. Thus, you should never expect a DJ to sound like Bot-sama, which holds the collective interests of ALL DJs involved with Eden Radio. While we try to staff the site with DJs in line with our image and reputation, these are dynamic aspects of the radio. We change as the people who are involved change, which is one of the best things about this radio. As a radio station, and as a collective of music lovers, we’re always trying out new music and exploring new boundaries. While you, as a listener, may not always like where this leads (and, believe me, looking back, I played some utter garbage [and others argue that I still do ( ¬‿¬)]), do not complain about the mere shift in genre because it doesn’t align with your tastes.

This brings me to a point that I felt might have been too offensive at that time, but have considered more and would like to expound upon (plus, if we’re speaking candidly, I was fairly inebriated last night, so I was holding back what I really wanted to say in the moment). If you are a person who only listens to anime-related and Japanese music, WE ARE NOT THE RADIO FOR YOU. This radio is for ALL styles of music that we feel is relevant to our interests. While our general content and preferences are of a moon-land origin, not everything on Bot-sama nor our libraries is purely Japanese. As stated in the paragraph that opens our site, “we stream a variety of music” that is generally categorized under the colloquial term “smoove.” We do enjoy being a “study time” radio, but this doesn’t mean we’ll only ever have easy-going anime music. This is a station reserved for all walks of relaxing music and then some.

The “then some” is something I myself have really explored ever since I set foot in here. I came for the anime music and stayed for the progressive, the soul, the jazz, the funk, and the rock. I have discovered way more music by DJing and listening here than I ever would have on my own, at least at that point in my life. Eden was a huge turning point for me and we, or at least I, want it to be so for those gracious enough to give our station a chance.

These previous points bring me to the fact that we are not r/a/dio, nor are we a station who only caters to the weeaboo demographic. Yes, weeaboo. I enjoy all sorts of anime and Japanese sub-culture, but if your musical taste is self-limited to that which comes from Japan and you don’t consider other genres at all, you are a weeaboo. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but it has a lot of relevance to this site’s aim, as we do not solely cater to lovers of Japanese culture.

I could go on and on about the feedback towards the album I played in other regards, too (e.g. not remembering what the songs were about, yet complaining about their content; letting us know you tuned out for it [this is Facebook-tier attention whoring; don’t do it]; “occasional rap crap;” etc.), but the paragraphs before this encompass my main thoughts on the matter. I want to conclude by saying that if it wasn’t already obvious, I’m an incredibly passionate music lover. I take the music I listen to seriously and I take criticism toward it seriously. Thus, to receive flippant comments about not just what I play, but what the radio plays, is inherently offensive to me. This is all the more reason for me to request that we continue to receive constructive criticism and feedback on what music is played on Eden Radio. Please, let’s get some music discussion going on, in the IRC and in the Feedback section. It means a lot to us all, and especially me.

Thanks as always for tuning in. I hope to provide more of these feedback blogs in the future. You can also follow me on Twitter @BrawlOfTheWest for more general and daily wisdom and wit.

See you space cowboy.


  1. This seems to be a buttmad rant from MrBrawl because he’s upset someone doesn’t like his favorite band. (get over it)

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  2. Eden radio is incredibly Intresting. It is Intresting from the aspect that it does not appear run off of money (as there are no ads, ever) but seems to run off of something more incredibly admirable. Love. Doesn’t seem driven by lust for attention, or trying to make it to the big time or whatever. It just seems like a group of people that love doing this, love this radio station and the expirences that have come from it. So I believe people should know that listen to it. As brawl said, it isn’t for you. However I don’t necessarily believe it’s for everyone either (which making a radio for everyone isn’t exactly the best idea anyways but I digress) I think it’s more accurate to say it’s a radio station for them. The people doing it. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, at all. I think most people should know that going into it. It’s just a group of guys, with some playlists, doing what they love, making expirences, sharing what they enjoy. I think most people can respect that. And people also gotta respect that your playlist and their playlist aren’t gonna be the same because you are different people. It’s not a radio station that caters to a specific audience, it’s a radio station that just plays what it wants. And that’s why I love them. Keep on keeping on Eden Radio, never go away.

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