First official Eden Meet up: Toronto Edition

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It’s been a long time hasn’t it? Well it’s always going to be a long time before someone other than me makes a post here so, it is what it is, but that aside this past weekend was Next Music From Tokyo (NMFT) in Toronto and, good lord, was it amazing! Myself, Lawrell and listeners Mott and Cruelnoise joined us, three of the four were graciously hosted by Zady who also accompanied us, and served as our tour guide throughout. There will be a number of posts pertaining to what we did while there, so this one will just be about my drive there, as well as the first day.The nine hour drive notwithstanding , getting there was a lot smoother than I thought it was going to be, that’s for sure, my biggest hang ups were crossing the boarder, having only ever flown out of the states, the most recent of which being over a decade ago,  I was terrified, I usually keep emergency supplies in my car and I wasn’t sure if I would be allowed to bring them with me or what, would I have to be searched in by officers? How do they handle things I can’t bring across? Just a few thoughts that ran wildly through my mind, but, when I actually pulled up to the booth, the guy just asked me a few questions about how long I was staying, where I’m from, and what I’m there for and I was on my way, it wasn’t until I actually got on the road again that I realized that I know exactly two things about Canadian law, jack  and shit, I actually got quite a chuckle out of it if I’m being honest, “Am I allowed to merge here?” I thought, passing by an off ramp in order to get some gas, “Do they have a passing lane like in the states? Yeah,” I conceded, “Yeah, I’m probably going to put in jail here.”, but that wasn’t the last of my problems, oh no, as I actually pull into the gas station I see the gas priceWhat are you doin' son?!s and almost have a damned heart attack!

I pull to the side and open up my phone to find a gas station, and I see prices that start at “102.9”, it’s like getting a bill in the mail and it being in the hundreds instead of the tens you thought it was going to be in, I was confused, afraid, I thought I would be walking back home, as I follow the signs directing me to the station off the highway I’m driving for at least five minutes, which is freaking me out, but finally, finally, I get there, to my destination, and I’m looking at the machine and see that it’s at litres (liters*) and not gallons, some quick math and I come to the conclusion that I’ll be paying over $300 for a gallon of gas, and, as I go to take a picture, I realize that it’s saying cents per liter*, I have never been so relieved in my life, it’s still insanely expensive, over three dollars a gallon, but I fill my car up and I”m on my way. As I’m driving, I notice that the signs say “Maximum 60” and “Maximum 100” Again, having only been in the country for a total of thirty minutes, my mind just sees this in MPH but, as I get back on the highway, I remember that they use the bass ackwards metric system and that I should be looking at the tiny yellow numbers on my dash instead of the large white/green ones, I adjust my speed and continue the last two hours of my drive. Other than the fact that I have never driven on smoother roads in my life the rest of my arriving was rather uneventful, so I’ll end this post for now, and in the next one, we’ll discuss the first day and take that into the following morning.


  1. Canada is a great place

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    • It really was a great experience, we do plan on going to the next one in October too, thanks for the comment.

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  2. Hi kittens. Nice toronto pic. How high were you?

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