FOEM: TE Episode 2

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Hello again, in my previous post  I talked about the drive to Canada, let’s finish off this day. shall we? Earlier this year we had Shirtsour four year anniversary, I wasn’t able to do another gaming party since I had just started my new job and was having a hard time balancing admin things, as well as DJ things, but I still wanted to celebrate somehow, and so I came up with an idea, why not get us some official merch? Something we can wear to cons, or just have to rep, keep, destroy, whatever, so I got hard to work design and deleting and designing until I finally come up with something that I liked, I ran the near final designs by the team and locked it in, placing the order went smoothly, or so I thought, we’ll get back to that later, fast forward to the drive to Canadia, probably part way though Detroit I get a message from Zady, “The shirts are here!” he exclaimed, I could barely contain my hype, “Pics”, “Yeah, post pictures” chimed in Lawrell and Mr.Brawl, I’m having a hard time focusing on the road at this point, he sends us a picture of him wearing it and, “This is so cool”, “Wow, that’s looks nice” were some of the responses that he got, I, however, was far from pleased. Looking at the picture that’s provided, [B] is the design that was sent in the original shipment, while [A] is what it was supposed to look like, from afar, I guess it could look pretty passable, however, “That wasn’t what I ordered” was the comment that I made, “And it looks like it’s kinda big, doesn’t it?”, I continued, “I’m going to assume that’s a medium, would you kindly try on the small?” at this point Zady was thinking the same thing I was “Yeah, the fit was way too big, the small fits so much better, it’s still loose around the arms though.” I’m rather disappointed, but I can live with it being a little big, I was asked what I meant when I said that it wasn’t what I ordered, to explain, design [B] is some text from the printing company’s design software layered over my original design.

You see, the process goes, you upload your logo, then you can change the color of the thread and shirt as you please, in the preview, it didn’t show the bottom text, but I just assumed that it would be there anyway, so I placed my order, I ordered one New logoshirt to many so I had them edit it for me before shipping it out, and I think that’s where the confusion started, fast forward to actually arriving at Zady’s place and I finally get to meet Lawrell and Cruelnoise face to face, we sit awkwardly for a while, since it’s bunch of weebs meeting IRL to do things outside, and once someone mentioned Chinese cartoons all was right in the world. Zady comes back and he has yet another shirt, and this one [C] has just a completely different design entirely! Much to my chagrin we don’t have time for me to sit and complain about stuff so they take me out for a night on the town to pop my Canada cherry, and it was every bit as great as you can imagine. We went to this cafe who’s draw is that it has walls upon walls of board games, so we sat in there, accompanied by another listener Mott, and played the OG of vidya, talking about nothing in general, but just having a generally Eden tuneingood time. I got to try “Poutine” a weird mixture of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds, it was….interesting, very interesting. One last thing to note, I don’t know what if it was because I was out of the country or what, but the women in Toronto were fine as hell, like, I swear, I have never in my life seen women so fit outside of my dancing circle or in places like California and what have you, and the cars, good lord, Maseratis, and Jaguars, and Bentlys, oh my! I did get to see why everyone could drive those cars though, the place is ungodly expensive, I spent a little over $3.00 a gallon on regular gas, $8 for a pint of beer (that I didn’t drink because I hate beer, but hey, peer pressure), and dear god don’t get me started on what I payed for a drive through carwarsh. I would go again though, in a heart beat, next time, we talk about day two.



    jk, Toronto is cool I guess. I live there.

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