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What’s up people? This past midnight marked the introduction of “roles” to the Discord channel, in this post I’m going to be detailing some information regarding their role to play in the development of Eden as well as how it all works.

First, let’s discuss what purpose the roles are going to serve, the largest advantage of the new roles system is to allow everyone to be able to choose to participate in only the topics that they are interested in. This will help with setting up events that are related to said topics, for example, recently a “movie-night” role was created, for those that are in #tv-film if the topic was brought up instead of having a lot of @here spam using @movie-night will only notify those that were interested in joining a group viewing of something. This will also allow us to help with accommodating content creators, as some have noticed we have a few streamers currently active here, as well as some others that have endeavors of their own, with the current roles system, these people that wish to share the things that they have created will be able to do so in a much more controlled environment and in a way that is less invasive to the general user who may or may not be interested in said content.

Second, when this post is posted the discord link will have been added to the website and to our social media pages, this will almost certainly increase the number of users that will be joining, as with most people joining a new community “How can I get a conversation started with someone” is what usually crosses the mind, having simple channels that give someone the chance to join topics that they are familiar with will go a long way in easing them into the community, we also don’t want to scare away new users with the way we address each other which, at times, can be rather brash..

If you have any questions feel free to either email me at kittens @ edenstatus.com or dm me on Discord or Twitter.


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