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Hello and welcome, lovely Eden folks! It’s not often we add new posts to this blog, but when we do, you know it’s important. Strap on because we’re going to go over how things worked until now and how we want them to work in the future.

First are the community expectations and what we want (and conversely don’t want) to see in the Eden discord server, specifically the #general channel. As you might expect, the channel is purposefully left without a topic so as not to leave anyone out and allow the broadest scope of posts possible. This is the place where you chat, unwind, maybe shitpost a bit on a Friday evening. Do keep in mind, the move to discord allowed us to make use of additional channels to keep specific discussions from going off topic. As a rule, if you can see the discussion you’re currently having in #general happening in one of the other, interest-specific channels, try to move it there. Think of it this way: talking in #general, you’re approaching a group of random people of whom you may know some, while a specific channel is like an after-school club, the membership warrants mutual interest in the topic at hand.

Having said that, there are still lines that should not be crossed. The Eden staff is always ready to step in, if you feel like there are things happening that simply shouldn’t be, do not be afraid to ping the @DJs. The current blacklist of topics that warrant moderator action is as follows:

1. Religious and Political debate
2. NSFW content
3. Racial Slurs
4. Creator content (self-promotion)

With that out of the way, let us move to the news. We’re changing up the way roles work. In order to see or post in #general, you’re going to need to get yourself a role. Right now, you can head over to #roles and pick up any role you want in order to access the channel of your interest, while the #general chat is free for everyone. From now on, you’ll be required to have at least one role in order to see or read #general. The decision is primarily motivated by us wanting to engage our community more: right now, there is a big group of people in the server with no role to speak of, even after coming here via a link directing to #welcome, and consequently, #roles. Even if you have no desire to chat about whatever with us, it will confirm that you know how things work around here.

Finally, we want to let you know that we always listen to our community. At any time you can contact our staff to offer your feedback on any matter you deem important. The primary means of doing that would be via discord, IRC, Twitter and finally the radio website itself. We are also considering a dedicated #feedback channel, in order to systematize all the advice you might have for us. Do comment if you like that idea or not!


*Our general rule was always to ‘be cool’, however as our community grows, unpleasant stuff is bound to happen. Expect the list to grow any time something unacceptable that we couldn’t foresee happens.

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