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If you’re reading this, then that means that the status site/blog for Eden of the West has gone live. What does this mean exactly? Does it mean that we’re going to try pushing content on people? Does it mean that we’re going to try getting people to view this website out of some grand ulterior motive? No, not at all. It’s what it says on the tin, “Eden Status”, meaning that, first and foremost, if you, for whatever reason, can’t access Eden’s main page, then this is where you would go to make sure it’s actually down, or whether it’s something that’s being done on our end. As of the now, it’s not actually a complete status site, since you can’t see if the site is up or not, however, it is the manifestation of work starting again on our end, and since it’s been almost a year since we’ve made changes that are actually viewable to someone on the other side of the server, I feel that even small steps will be appreciated.

Now that the long winded greeting is out of the way, I will begin listing a few of the changes that have occurred, as well as list some of the things that we have planned for the future.  Recently myself and other members of Eden’s staff have begun the process of making some things on the site more “professional“, that is to say that a lot of the self depreciating text has been removed, the reasons for this are small and, much like the changes themselves, negligible, but as previously implied, showing progress is better than just saying we’re making progress. Another recent move is the addition of official Eden email address, these will include staff as well as DJs, more on that as it develops. Talks of more structure when it comes to DJ sets has been something that myself, as well as a lot of listeners and staff have wanted since the dawn of time, well, I’m happy to report that, along side an official DJ application the release of an official schedule will be greeted with shaking hands.

We’ve had our ups as well as our downs, we’ve come from a WordPress site that was held together with a combination of hot glue and scotch tape, hosted on an el cheapo $15 VPS, and monitored by dainty little girls who’s closest brush with HTML was a MySpace page, but somehow we always seem to find a way to keep going.

Keep smiling for me ladies~


  1. Damn this is fresh.
    Comfiest radio out there, keep up the excellent work!

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    • Yes indeed, that’s one of the main reasons we wanted this site, because a lot of the technical details needs lots of information to be put out there. Read this stuff from the main site when that’s not it’s purpose , and would go down with the stream, seemed counter intuitive.

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