Of Eden and down time.

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Greetings fellow listeners, yesterday we had and entire day of downtime, this has been fixed so you can tune back in whenever you please, but let’s talk about what the cause of it was. Apparently Edis, our current KVM host, had hardware failure in a node in Amsterdam. I’m not too savvy when it comes to server infrastructures, but I guess the node that we’re on (Chicago) is somehow routed through the one in Amsterdam because an hour after I woke up (7AM CST) I found that our entire system was down, now, my initial thought was that, whatever issue that we’ve been suffering from for the past two-three months, where our server randomly dies and only responds once we restart it via the web panel, was the culprit, however, upon trying to restart it, I found that the page was unresponsive, it would load for a minimum of three minutes and then return to the original page as if nothing had happened. So I thought, okay, this is odd, maybe I can just call tech support and have them restart it themselves, that turned out to be a fruitless endeavour. Even though the signature in all their emails says that their US line is 24/7 it turns out that it’s no longer true, in fact, it now has specific hours that it can be used, which is irritating at the least and inconvenient at the most since we’ve had more downtime than Kim Kardashian in a dick factory which, by the grace of Odin, likes to occur over the weekend in most cases. With the only option left was email, I sent a very detailed message about the downtime we’ve been having, as well as what our logs are saying and the current status of the web panel, yet the only response I received was an automated response pictured here.

What’s most upsetting about this is that their post about what was causing the problem was from the twenty-first of March, the downtime happened on the twenty-third, now, in the email we received they stated that someone was being dispatched early on the twenty-second, I honestly don’t understand how this time frame could explain anything but….yeah.

Best customer service of the year.


  1. Sounds like a crappy host, are you going to be getting a new one?

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  2. Heh, sounds like a wonderful host.
    My friend and I use BlueVM (bluevm.com), and so far, they are wonderful, with IRC support and very cool, cheap packages. You might want to look into them.

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