Procrastination Domination.

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Things are really starting to become irritating, here I am, yet again, apologizing for the, seemingly, more frequent down time that we’ve been having, now, instead of happening at random, it seems to be happening once a week now, it’s been almost an entire month since we’ve told our host about this issue, but it seems like something that is baffling them as well, but that’s not the actual purpose of this post, nor is it something that should be shared on a consistent basis, it comes across as unprofessional and immature.
With our shiny new server just over the horizon, I believe that now would be a good time to talk more about the process of becoming a DJ with us. We are neither a militant group nor are we some pseudo-corporation, we are just a bunch of guys (and young ladies) that just enjoy music, while the main focuses for us are all forms of Jazz(that includes Jazz/hop), Blues, and Orchestral, that doesn’t mean that we are against other genres, on the contrary, we actually play some JPOP, which is the reason why we reformed eden almost three years ago, most of us detest it, the process begins with an application that will be released on the 31st of November this year, some of the basic requirements are as follows:

• How large is your music collection?
• How often do you add to it?
• What are your favorite genres and artists?
• How much freetime do you normally have during the week?(Includes weekends.)

The above list isn’t all inclusive, but it should give you a general idea of what to expect should you feel you’d like to apply. After your application has been reviewed (assuming you’ve been an active member of IRC for at least a month(thirty[30]days) then you’ll become a probationary DJ, that meaning you won’t see any promotion of your sets via any media that is directly controlled by a member of the staff, nor will your name be added to the DJ list on the home site, this is to see if you’re able to hold a crowd on your own. Two weeks after becoming a fledgling DJ you’ll be reevaluated and, pending a decision by the staff, you will receive all the benefits of a full staff member, personal email address, promotion and, if interested, access to the server to upload your own music, blog account if you want to put out content, access to our cache of DFC and loli, everything you could ever want!

Hopefully this will shine some light on the soon to be DJ application process, there will be more content in the future so look forward to it.

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